Ever wondered how easy it is to actually claim absolute self-empowerment?

I would like to share one of many learnings, rather the most important from my perspective, which can lead to absolute Self – Empowerment in your professional and personal life.

I was given this learning as a blessing by a very wise and a very old soul. Looking into my eyes, He said to me, you will be ready to walk on the path of Self-Growth only when you will believe that “I Am 100% Responsible for Whatever Happens in My World”, and the moment I internalized this learning, there was no looking back for me. From that point onwards, I & only I was the creator of my own life. I got empowered in such a way that, it can no longer be taken away by anyone or anything externally.

Sometimes it’s hard to think that you are causing everything that is happening in your world. Especially when there is an undesired outcome, we tend to convince ourselves that we do not have control over what is happening – that somebody else caused our problems and that we are the victim.

Scientifically, it is not possible to prove that something occurred 100% because of you or not – both by desired or non-desired outcomes. For a moment, see what happens when you just pretend that anything and everything that occurs in your life is 100% caused by you and your actions. If you focus on these thoughts, it might become easier for you to feel in control of the situation, escape victim mentality and become empowered. The power lies with you as it is YOUR choice.

What is happening within you now, when you say it to yourself, “I Am 100% Responsible for Whatever Happens in My World”, aren’t you? Right, Let me give you an analogy here, let us assume that you have gone to play golf, it’s a beautiful, pleasant sunny morning. You are at the golf course, putting the ball, no matter how many balls you try, they refuse to go in the hole. Instead, all land up in the bush nearby. What would you do in this case? Would you blame the wind, the ball or would you give up playing, believing you are unlucky…but, you know better; chances are, you will ask an expert to help you with your technique of hitting the ball, right? And once you fix the technique, every single ball you hit, it reaches, where you want it to reach, the hole…that’s right. When you take the position of 100% responsibility, you are empowering yourself to change it, do you see that?

Having said this, making a shift only sounds easy on paper. In reality, it requires internal work on your thought processes – as there are already past conditions, beliefs, and decisions that need to change.

If you want to know how to make the changes then contact me and we can work together on making the shift required in your life!

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