Ever wished to create a sense of belonging and connection with your inner self and with others?


My name is Bharat Phadke and I am Self Growth Strategist. I would like to talk to you today about how you can create that most important feeling of belonging and connection with your true self.

We all have experienced those days when you get to work and you want to be left alone. You don’t want any interactions, any conversations, you just don’t feel up to it.
The day is simply dragging and you can’t wait to get it over with and come back home. We also experienced those days, when you spend a significant amount of time with your colleagues over a cup of coffee, lunch or a few drinks in an attempt to feel connected. But often at the end of it, we carry a sense of being unproductive and superficial, especially if conversations were all about shallow gossiping and politics.

And then there are days when everything is flowing effortlessly, work seems fun, colleagues interactions are productive and meaningful – so different to those rainy days when time is being a drag or you feel superficial and unproductive.

Difference between both types of days is only one: on good days you felt connected and belonged to yourself, so you projected the same vibes all day long.

We all like to feel connected and belong to the workplace and the people we spend most of our time with. This sense of connection and belonging can only come when you feel the same way within yourself and for yourself.

When you are surrounded by fears, uncertainties, rigid views, judgments, attitudes and limiting beliefs, it all keeps you away from feeling connected within yourself. So then, when you show up to work carrying all that weight on your shoulders, it often leads to being unproductive, superficial and a drag.

Imagine if you could show up to work every single day, feeling deeply connected within yourself, not waiting for any external factors to make you feel better or that you belong. You know that you feel that way because you have the power within yourself to choose to be connected and to belong. Showing up to work in that state, how many more people could be positively affected by you? This way, your colleagues and you can co-create the most productive, fun and meaningful work environment.

So how can you do it? All it takes is identifying and deleting past negative views, judgments, attitudes and limiting beliefs, which no longer serve you. Instead, you can install the most empowering beliefs in your professional and personal life. This way you can connect within yourself and show the beauty of your inner self to the outside world.

Once you have achieved this, it’s time to know how you can claim absolute self-empowerment. Read my blog here to learn how to.

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