We have only two possibilities in life: We are either growing or We are dying. The question is, what does it take to build effortless, self-sustaining growth

What’s your choice?

I believe that as humans, we have only two possibilities – either we are growing or we are dying. The question is, what does it take to crack the code for effortless, self- sustaining and the most FULFILLING growth path? 

Most possibly we all have heard, read or experimented about what could contribute to Self-Growth. It could involve living in the present moment and letting go of the past, releasing negative emotions, forgetting and forgiving, or perhaps the power of affirmations, etc. I can say from my own experience, that it is a lot of hard work and the effect seems to dilute over a period of time.

What I learned are 3 very important things for effortless, self-sustaining and a fulfilling growth path. These 3 learnings can be wired into our system through certain specific and unique techniques. By doing so, they can become the default setting in our system:

  1. Learning to communicate more effectively with the most loyal friend one could have; your unconscious mind. After all, your unconscious mind is in charge of you 95% of the time and is always delivering what you ask for.
  2. Learning to live on the cause side of life, rather than on the effect side. There is no better way to attain Self–Empowerment than this.
  3. Perception is projection – this learning is key to ultimate freedom. What we perceive is who we are.

I will explain these 3 key learnings further in my subsequent articles. They may sound like rather challenging concepts, but the good news is that for your unconscious mind it is only child’s play.

Apart from these 3 key learnings, it is very important that we understand the magnificence of our own system. It is very easy then to fathom the unlimited possibilities of change within ourselves. Our nervous system is the most magnificent creation known to mankind.

Did you know that your nervous system is capable of forming countless neurological connections? This number is so big that we have no conscious idea of what to compare it with.

*You have more possible neurological connections than the number of all the grains of sand, on all the beaches on our planet.

*You have more possible neurological connections than the number of the stars in our visible universe.
That’s right. And now that we know that there are unlimited potential and possibilities, how do we explain it to everyone else; those that struggle to live the life of their dreams, achieve their goals or heal diseases?

It is also important to understand how we accept limitations and create barriers within ourselves. After all, SELF can be complex; SELF is made up of so many things – physical abilities, mental conditioning, upbringing, memories, beliefs, thoughts, current circumstances, so on and so forth. It almost feels like there couldn’t be any control and predictability when it comes to SELF; it has its own unknown ways.

To understand yourself better, read my blog on how you can improve the way you perceive yourself here.

So, coming back to the question…What’s your choice?

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