About bharat Phadke

A little something about me.

Right from an early age, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with the company of many spiritual gurus who showed me the path of self-discovery at a time when I needed it the most.

I feel that sharing my life’s journey thus far, could help you appreciate that SELF-discovery can happen within our daily lives, in the most common and simplistic ways.

I would love to explain to you in detail about all my various enlightening experiences, but one of the most important discoveries in this journey was the realization of wanting to help others just like how I was blessed at the right time. Guidance is a very important aspect of anyone’s life. But to realize that you even need that guidance can sometimes be one of the most difficult first steps to self-discovery.

At an early stage in my life, I had already experienced quite a lot of turbulence; from losing a loved one, to many struggles during my academic years, to turning onto a rebellious path, and the vicious cycle continued. However, despite all the ups and downs, I noticed that my life would always lead me back to certain types of people and circumstances, that would always pave a path leading me to my life’s purpose. This is where I realized the power of self-awareness. Once I was aware of the kind of path my life was taking, I was able to be in control of it much more, therefore shaping it to what I have achieved and become now.

At age 20, I joined a spiritual organization to guide and facilitate me on this path. At age 24, I embraced the corporate life, having realized the importance of family and responsibility. I have had the good fortune of teaching my learnings through the years, as well as being able to reach managerial positions at various multinational companies.

All in all, I realized that learning is a constant process. Learning begins from within, and if projected outward in the right way, can yield great outcomes for you. So I am here to tell you that YOU can choose your own path, YOU can choose your own outcome, and YOU are the only one to enjoy the results of your efforts and positive thinking. All it needs is a small step in the direction towards awareness.

So what do you choose to do?